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International business center

  • Immeuble d'affaires
  • Modern state-of-the-art equipment
  • Photo bureaux à louer
  • Close to downtown
  • Photo bureaux à louer 2
  • Additional services

Business centers are a fast-growing segment of the real estate economy in France. Several criteria should be taken into account when you're considering renting an office in one of the many business centers available in France. Beyond the price of the rental, it's important to check that the equipment is fully functional and practical. Take a look at the contract: are additional services included, or do they require a fee? What's your impression when you enter the center? What would your client or colleague think?

How to choose?

  • Price of the office rental
  • Location of the business center (close to downtown or farther out)
  • Accessibility (traffic, parking at your disposal)
  • How modern the office supplies are
  • Media access (phone lines, fax, internet access speed)
  • Additional services: PO box, administratif assistance, etc.
  • Reputation of the company running the business center

Additional services

  • Monthly cost of cleaning
  • HOA or similar (whether it's included in your rental package)
  • Flower delivery to add flowers and plants to your office for your clients
  • A new system made available for Canadian Florists, which allows them to broadcast their products worldwide.
  • Catering for client meetings and company dinners
  • For German clients, this flower delivery service ships your flowers in your office, anywhere in Germany.

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